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Serenity – Believing in yourself

There are times in life when it is easy to believe in yourself everything seems to be going your way. Home life is good, finances are solid, job is good, children/spouse/extended family all sailing smoothly through life. Of course, one … Continue reading

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What could you do if? You could love like this moment was your last?

Love. The capacity to love is an intimate component of what makes us human. It is the first thing that we experience in life and if we are truly fortunate, the last as well. We love our family, our friends, … Continue reading

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What could you do…If you could metabolize fear into courage?

If you could take your fears and convert them into courage you could be unstoppable. It is our fears after all that prevent us from taking action. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of being humiliated. Fear of success. … Continue reading

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