Welcome to OccasionallySerene. Please take a few to leave your comments about what Success means to you. Success can be defined in so many ways and often changes based on where we are at the moment in our life that we define it. Won’t you please take a few minutes to think about what Success means to you. Then leave a comment below. You will not only add to the richness of this site, your thoughts, dreams and aspirations will inspire and help others. Life is what we make of it, help make it better for all.


One Response to Success

  1. My definition of success has changed dramatically over the years. It has moved from the more material realm to a different place and frankly, when I think about the journey, it is a wonderful surprise.

    being kind and helpful
    living in the moment
    being a loving and supportive husband and father
    helping others find their success

    So in the spirit of full disclosure, some days I am more successful than others.
    What could you do? If you could?

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