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What could you do? If you could retake the words said in anger?

Anger. We all experience it. Anger can be subtle and seductive in its ability to hijack your present mind. It has the ability to cause us to fly into a rage. That rage if unchecked will damage not only ourselves, … Continue reading

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What could you do…If you could metabolize fear into courage?

If you could take your fears and convert them into courage you could be unstoppable. It is our fears after all that prevent us from taking action. Fear of rejection. Fear of failure. Fear of being humiliated. Fear of success. … Continue reading

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What could you do… If you could digest failure like your body digests water?

Wouldn’t that be cool?  We should try to drink a lot of water, and there are times in our life where we do digest faliure like water.  Think about a baby,  Babies fail at most everything they try for several years.  In fact … Continue reading

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What could you do, if you knew you could not fail?

Think about that.  What are your secret dreams, hopes, ambitions?  There are many things in this world that we think we would like to do, the fear of failure often holds us back.  Have you ever wanted to… run a … Continue reading

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What could you do?

What could you do….? If you knew you could not fail? If you had unlimited energy? If you had the clarity of mind to navigate through even the most uncertain of events? If you had the inner confidence to act … Continue reading

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