If you could create anything, anytime, and have it be real?

What could you do…If you could create anything, anytime and have it be real?

Often times we spend a great deal of time and energy and wishing, imagining and fantasizing about what it would be like if we could have this or that. You know what I am talking about, new car, new house, new job, bigger TV, smaller camera, more jewelry, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! The truth is that you very nearly can. That may sound crazy but between the reality that everything in the world has never been closer to “in reach” to the average person coupled with the idea that the human brain has a difficult time differentiating between your fantasies and reality as measured by brain waves, chemical reactions, and some people’s reality, puts the ability to create anything you want, anytime you want it and it is almost real or it is.

Sounds like the Holodeck of the Starship Enterprise, but the fact is that as we continue to imagine the impossible and strive to overcome that construct we have created things that a century ago would have been considered preposterous. Airships that carry hundreds half way across the world in a matter of hours instead of weeks, contraptions that magnify the exceedingly and infinitesimally small to a size that can be seen and understood by the human eye, machines that transport sounds and images instantaneously to other machines. At one time or another in the not too distant past all of things did not exist and today they are real. They are, because someone like you dared to dream it and make it so.

What could you do…If you could create anything, anytime and have it be real?


About occasionallyserene

Just a guy trying to simplify his life in a complicated world. Finding out along the way that much of what he thought was real, is little more than an illusion created by others and sustained by his own mind.
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